Kuchipudi Workshop by Vyjayanthi Kasi at Thrissur

Smt Vyjayanthi Kashi is conducting Kuchupudi workshop at Thrissur from 06-09 May 2016. The workshop is an initiative for the Kuchipudi course certified by Karnataka government. The students / teachers, after completing the one year course, will get direct admission to MA (Kuchipudi). The workshop is organised by Sree Keralakalakshethra at ollur, Thrissur. Those who […]

Folk or Ritual Art

Paana Kali / Paana Pidutham, a ritual group performance by men, one of the main items in the 24 hr long ‘Palli Paana’, conducted to propitiate Goddess Bhadrakaali, usually seen in the Bhadrakaali temples in the districts Malappuram, Thrissur and Palakkad, Kerala state, India.  Post by Performing Arts of Kerala.