Jaipur Art Summit in December 2016

Jaipur Art Summit

07 – 11 Dec 2016: Jaipur Art Summit
Venue: Ravindra Manch, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaipur Art Summit

Jaipur art summit is the confluence on contemporaory art, art exhibition, art camp, installations, demonstration of traditional arts, art movies, book release, talks,discussions and seminars, performing arts etc. More than 14 national and international galleries with more than 200 art works will display in the summit. Over 500 artists from 25 countries participate and showcase their creativity. The fourth edition of Jaipur art summit showcases the creative arts across multiple mediums and formats existing in India.

The event is conducted in association with various art and cultural departments and organisations like Art & Culture Department, Shri Raghunath Foundation, Progressive Artists Group,Gallery of Indian Indigenous Art etc.

The program schedule  Click Here
Details – www.jaipurartsummit.in

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