Introspection-Drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures and installation

DakshinaChitra - Instrospection DakshinaChitra, Chennai is hosting an art exhibition titled ‘Introspection’ from 3rd – 28th February 2018. The exhibition is curated by Neeta Omprakash.

Curator’s note

The artists from Goa and UTSHA Foundation in Bhubaneshwar have created art works for this show ‘Introspection’. The idea of introspection is extended from external perception of the self to the inner dialogue of analyzing the life around, imaginary journey, reminisce and deep impression of philosophy. I was inspired to have this show being affected by the obsessive indulgence in clicking selfies by the overflowing tourists in Goa and its artistic expression in the works of Manjunath Naik and Hanuman Kambli. Odisha and Goa are located diagonally opposite but share the boon and bane of tourism equally and even Chennai is not an exception to this. The artistic expression of distinct culture of both states with similar concerns of human life is seen in this exhibition.

About the exhibition – ‘Introspection’

The inventions of photography and its access to the masses have ruined the rarity of art of portraiture but to add to the same a new trend of ‘selfie’ has emerged.The process of Introspection is required to those who would cautiously take the journey of life and Art as its reflection.
DakshinaChitra - Swapnesh Heritage Walk - Instrospection

A group of artist from UTSHA Foundation in Bhubaneshwar and artists from Goa have contributed to this exhibition.  Jagannath Panda the director of UTSHA foundation (is a well-known artist) has started the foundation to encourage young talents in Odisha. The foundation has been actively conducting exhibitions, camps and workshops in their premises in Bhubaneshwar.

Date: 03 – 28 February 2018
Time: 10.00 am – 06.00 pm (Tuesday Holiday)
Venue: Varija Art Gallery, DakshinaChitra, East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chennai, TamilNadu (India)

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