Draupadi, A Fusion Dance Flamenco & Kathakali

Draupadi, the Fusion Dance of Flamenco & Kathakali will be held at 05 Dec 2014. The dance fusion is conducted at United Women´s International Congress from 05 to 06 December.The program at 08.00 pm is staged at  Hall of Sheraton Hotel, Brigade Gateway,Bangalore in Karnataka state of India.
The fusion of Kathakali and Flemenco is done under the extract of Mahabharata, The Killing of Dussasana. Draupadi, the project directed by Cesar Lorente Raton aim at collaborating socially and culturally with reducing gender violence and inequality amongst women and men. Talented flamenco artist Bettina Castaño-Sulzer is doing flemenco dance.

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