The Art Exhibition ‘Mattanchery’ at Uru Art Harbor

153cm X 152cm X 15cm / Screen print on gold mirror finish stainless steel ‘While the whole culture is looking at you, you are still looking at yourself’. By Latheesh Lakshmanan.

It is an exhibition of paintings, photographs, sketches, audio-visual presentations etc based on the theme ‘Mattancherry’ and is curated by Riyas Komu. The curatorial premise emphasises investigating and exploring the place Mattancherry through its people and the social networks on the ground using a diverse group of artistes including painters, photographers, poets, videographers, designers, and research based collectives.

The artists were encouraged to search  beyond easily available representations (poetry, films, song lyrics, etc.) and delve into Mattancherry’s  contemporary spatial, social, historical and  temporal shifts of the location by way of investigating the history of labors and working class, internal migrations, traceable pasts, intangible cultures, stories and memories.

Saju Kunhan Our land is a part of the globe 365cm X 152cm/ Mix media on wood

The works/ documentations of the artistes, Anitha Thampi, Anvar Ali, Jalaja P S, Latheesh Lakshman, Ramu Aravindan, Saju Kunhan, Sosa Joseph, K R Sunil, Upendranath T R, Vipin Dhanurdharan, Zakir Hussain and that of the organisations Route Cochin and Urban Design Collective are at display here.

Riyas Komu says ”Mattancherry, the exhibition,  seeks to not only move beyond the established microcosms but also to suggest the multi-layered aesthetic, cultural, social,  and even abstract sentiments expressive of different multicultural perspectives – of looking at and seeing Mattancherry, the place through its people. And this coming together is our first step in celebrating the people of Mattancherry”.

Anitha Thampi Deshappalama Anju Mozhippadangal

The exhibition started on 12 Aug 2017 was scheduled to till 12 Oct 2017, and is now extended upto 31 Dec 2017.

Time: 11 am to 8.00pm (closed on Mondays) from 12 Aug – 31 Dec 2017
Venue: Uru Art Harbor, Kochangadi, Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala (India)


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